ELEVATE your energy your coaching your clients your network your business your brand

You just need mentoring from someone who's been where you are.

That's what I do. 

Build a Better Brand

Find the positioning, niche, and marketing efforts that are most aligned so you can succeed with ease.

Build a Better Business

Set up the business infrastructure and operations that will grow with you over time, making it more effortless for you.

Become a Better Coach

Develop deep energetic presence and alignment so you can create big impact with ease and grace.

If you're a coach who's looking for support, an expert mentor to answer your questions, and to not feel alone, you're in the right place. 

Hi, I’m Kimberly Errigo, MCC. 

I’m an expert executive, life, career, and leadership coach and have been awarded the elite Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. I’ve now been a professional coach for 20 years.

I started an online business in 2007, before coaching exploded online. I studied with Milana Leshinsky, Ted McGrath, Angelique Rewers, David Naegle, Thrive Academy, Bill Baren, Michelle Schubnel, and Tony Robbins. 

As you might guess from the list of people I’ve studied with, I thought to be a great coach I needed the three T’s: techniques, tools, and training. But even with all the T’s, I felt like something was missing. I love coaching, but I could tell that sometimes my clients weren’t getting what they most needed.

It was heartbreaking for me to watch my clients struggle. It also made business hard because the clients who were struggling usually didn’t stay very long (and they for sure didn’t rave about me to their friends).  

This realization set me on a personal quest to find the key that would help my clients transform with grace (and bring more ease and flow to my business). What I discovered might not even surprise you. When I saw it, it seemed obvious to me, too.

For my clients to get what they needed, I NEEDED TO BE GETTING WHAT I NEEDED. And what I needed was support, an expert to answer my questions, and to not feel alone. 

That's why I created the Elevated Coach, a Coaching Club for passionate, self-aware coaches who are learning to master their businesses. Join me and watch your clients (and yourself) achieve unparalleled results! 

“Having you look at my business objectively has really been helpful. You showed me how I'm blocking my own success. Can’t thank you enough for that!”
Will S
Fitness Coach
“I went from struggling to buy groceries to CEO of a half-million dollar company … in less than a year. Working with you made it possible.”
Danielle S
Business Coach
“You helped me to break down the wall of fear that kept me from stepping into my full potential. Thank you for who you are in my life!”
Lisa S
Healing Coach
"You said, “You don’t need to paddle frantically. Just allow the river to carry you.” The insight I got was, EVERYTHING. Receive the productivity. How’s that for counter-intuitive?"
Elena L
Life Coach
“Your profound sensitivity brought forth the truth of my spirit instead of the confusion of my ego. You are able to pinpoint elegantly and creatively the issues I haven’t seen. I have tremendously improved my business and myself by working with you!”
Lauretta Z
Executive Coach
“Kimberly untangled one of my life’s biggest decisions in less than 40 minutes. I highly recommend her work to anyone searching for clarity!!”
Radha C
Ayurvedic Healing Coach