What’s your ideal business model? If you’re not sure, then this podcast is for you!

You’ll discover: 

  • How to know which business model is right for you
  • Options that help you have a big impact in the marketplace
  • The factors that turn a coaching practice into a cash machine

Amrita Khalsa

Formerly known as Amrita Khalsa, Mayuri Swati knows how to grow movements that positively impact. Once the CEO of Alexis Neely’s coaching company, Eyes Wide Open Life, and then CEO of TreeSisters, she has helped plant more than 2 million trees in Kenya, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Cameroon and Nepal through grassroots online crowdfunding campaigns. Mayuri designs business models that scale growth, and builds marketing strategies that engage large audiences around a mission. She is a team player believing in the unique brilliance, purpose and abilities of each individual.