CFO, professor, serial-entrepreneur and financial speaker Sherri Richards offers down to earth, state-of-the-art insights on how to make your brain your ally when it comes to your finances. If the mere mention of your numbers makes your eyes glaze over, you need Sherri’s creative and innovative, evidence-based take on using inner and outer work and right and left brain techniques to create a fresh new story around your finances!

We’re going to show you:

  • What you are doing to sabotage your own financial success and how to stop doing it
  • How your reptilian brain REALLY works and the common mistakes you can avoid
  • How your mastery of “money language” impacts your financial success and how to use the language of the wealthy
  • The Five Pillars of building a successful business
  • How to create a business that allows for Financial Freedom

Sherri Richards

Sherri spent 30 years in the corporate world working in finance, marketing, operations, distribution, purchasing, information technology, and product planning. Known to many as the Money Therapist, she uses an innovative, creative, (sometimes radical) approach to finances and daily money management.