Learn how to protect your intellectual property so you can build a successful business! Join attorney Kelley Keller, Esq., President of Kelley Keller Law, as she guides you through what you need to know about identifying, protecting, and enforcing the boundaries around your intellectual property.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a brand you can protect, grow, and sustain
  • How to stay safe in the ever-changing online business environment
  • How to keep other people from invading your space and infringing on your rights
  • How to leverage your creativity so you get paid for your ideas

Kelley Keller, Esq.

Kelley Keller, Esq. is an intellectual property (IP) attorney, speaker, and legal and business educator with more than two decades of experience in the IP field. She works with individuals and businesses in a wide variety of industries helping them transform their ideas, knowledge, and innovation into valuable business assets that drive profits.Kelley offers education to small business owners, creative and coaching professionals, digital entrepreneurs, and established businesses about starting, building, and growing a business on a solid foundation and the importance of protecting valuable brand assets and creative works so they provide enduring commercial value.