Resonance is the foundation for the new paradigm in conscious branding, or soulful branding. What is resonance and why does it matter in the context of branding and marketing? Listen to branding expert Ryan Rigoli as we explore how to leverage resonance to develop a compelling business brand.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

-What resonance is and why it matters in the context of branding and marketing

-The most common mistakes made by purpose-driven entrepreneurs when building their brand and marketing their business

-How to cultivate resonance and build greater trust and engagement with your audience

-How to leverage your story to create a more powerful business brand

Ryan Rigoli

Ryan is a branding strategist who has held leadership roles at Yahoo! and and launched a number of services into the marketplace, including Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Answers. He has consulted for numerous social ventures that are creating positive change and helping to restore greater balance in their communities and in themselves. He has given talks at the Stanford Business School, Wisdom 2.0 Conference, New Ventures West Coaching School, and other online events on the topic of authentic communications in the marketplace for entrepreneurs and business leaders.