"Before I began working with Kimberly, I was stuck in a sort of limbo -- caught between a place I no longer wanted to be and a future I was almost afraid to dream about. Thanks to Kimberly’s almost laser-like ability to cut through the stuff that was holding me back. I was able to take a leap into the unknown and land in a place I hadn’t known was possible."
- Pam

"A Completely Life Changing Experience"

When I met Cassandra, she was a massage therapist who spent a lot of time talking with her clients. She was also wondering how she could leverage her talents to create more income, and it didn’t take long before she was committed to starting a life coaching practice. She was a natural coach and was already doing the work, so I helped her better understand what good coaching is and how she could deliver value to her clients. I guess I was the catalyst for her to start her own coaching practice!

She was also considering whether she would marry her then-boyfriend, and the two of them started seeing me together to figure this out. Cassandra was a single mom, and her boyfriend was a musician who was always on the road going from gig to gig. By acknowledging their incompatible needs, they decided to end their relationship without blame or shame and move on. Ultimately, it was the right decision. Even though they loved each other, neither one could give the other what they truly needed. 

The energetic shifts required to end that relationship changed the course of Cassandra’s life forever. Since then, she’s married a man who is able and willing to be there for her and her daughter every day, giving them the love and support they need. She also began growing her coaching practice in earnest, and is now “living the dream” in both her personal and professional life.

As she says herself,

“Kimberly came into my life like a true blessing. Her calming presence and guidance have helped me finally clear out what was not working in my life and open up the channels that bring me peace and prosperity. I am grateful for this life changing experience and wonderful opportunity to work with such an amazing woman!”

"More Optimistic on Every Level"

Dawn felt stuck in her business as a wellness coach and integrative medical doctor in private practice. She had been doing mindset work for a while and was “doing the right things,” but her business wasn’t growing. She hired me to help her resolve the deep personal blocks that she knew were in her way.

By the time she reached out to me, Dawn had invested at least twice as much in her business as she’d brought in. Her lack of confidence and low self-worth had caused her to diminish her savings and compromise her sense of security, and she’d had enough.

In the past, Dawn had worked with other coaches and she had gained insight and a plan to move forward. But, she found herself sliding back and not taking effective action because of her fear-based, limiting beliefs. Beliefs like, “Can I really do this?” came up again and again whenever she’d look at her business plan. What she truly needed was confidence—lots of confidence—to break down her limiting beliefs for good. She wanted someone who would push her to break through her limitations so she could grow at an exponential rate.

We started by looking at how she spent her time. She was doing a lot of things she DIDN’T want to be doing, and was not doing the things she DID want to be doing. I challenged her to bring in extra support for herself so she didn’t have to do it all alone. As one of her core limiting beliefs, she found that a shift in this area showed up immediately as an improvement in her bottom line. Coincidentally, she was motivated to review her current relationship and decided it was just a placeholder—not what she really needed or wanted. Out he went!

Because she was trying so hard to be successful, her level of stress was very high. I coached her to prioritize her mindfulness practice so she could relax and embody the kind of energy she wanted to bring to her clients. As she gave herself permission to be the leader in her life and business, she began to see herself moving to a part of the country that she loved and shifting her business model to one that was really right for her. She started to connect with a deeper sense of internal peace and her financial picture stabilized.

“With your coaching I had many internal shifts in perspective and the release of much congested energy. Now I feel more optimistic—and supported on every level. I learned to trust myself with you. That’s making all the difference.” 🙂

In our time together, Dawn was able to break through her limiting beliefs and step into greater mastery of her energetic experience. In the months that followed, she leveraged her success to make a leap from the beach to horse country, where she really wanted to live. Following her vision, she began building a community-based practice that gave her a solid foundation. The end result? Long-term success with a consistent revenue stream, doing what she loved.

"Returned to Trusting Myself"

Elena came to me to clear any internal blocks to creating a thriving coaching business. She wanted her business to be well organized, in flow, and fun to run. And she wanted to have a well established VA support her with the day-to-day tasks, while a financial manager made sure everything was accounted for and invested well.  Outside of her business, Elena wanted to maintain her daily meditation practice—increase it even—so she could support her spiritual and personal growth. She also wanted to spend more time with her family.

Before we could tackle Elena’s business plan, she needed to shift and release some limiting beliefs. One of those beliefs was that making lots of money was something that she’d not be able to handle and that luxury comes at a price. She was ready to release and rewrite this, and that’s exactly what we did.

Once Elena realized that she was capable of making consistent income and doing it without being burnt out or without sacrificing her family time, her business took off. And it’s this concept that helped shape the direction of her business, which includes luxury self-care days!

“You said, “You don’t need to paddle frantically. Just allow the river to carry you.” The insight I got was, EVERYTHING.

The way I dry my hair… don’t try to “make” my hair dry, allow the hot air to dry my hair.

Walking… don’t “go there,” allow my feet to carry me and allow the scenery in.

Working… don’t push through it, allow the tasks to flow through me. Receive the productivity. How’s that for counter-intuitive?”

From there, Elena expanded her offerings and now coaches others on how to make self-care an integral part of their lives. She’s created online courses, retreats, workshops, and individual VIP coaching packages around the importance of self-care. When we ended our work together Elena was in a new and exciting vibration of empowerment. Having mastered her energetic experience, she was newly confident that she would always know which way to go.

"I was taking steps backwards"

Kim was an experienced coach and more than willing to do the necessary work to grow her coaching business, but she wasn’t being successful and she wasn’t sure why.

Kim knew that she needed to build a client list, find opportunities, and find partners she could collaborate with. The trouble was that even though she knew all of the pieces she needed, she didn’t know how to get them working for her. Her sales efforts were falling flat, and she wasn’t making her clients happy. Not only that, but she needed income— her survival depended on it and she was getting close to needing to find a “job” just to make ends meet. When she came to me she was discouraged, confused, and in need of support.

I immediately identified the biggest problem she was facing: she wasn’t leveraging her real skills and expertise in the niche she was trying to inhabit. The disconnection between who she was and what she was saying had to be resolved first. When we had that fixed, we re-established her 30- and 90-day goals, mapped out her vision of success, and strategized about her messaging.

Kim was dealing with a high level of stress from this situation, so I helped her establish a daily mindfulness practice she could lean on for stability and  balance. As she got more centered in herself, her stress began to unwind and her client relationships improved.

“I know that who I am and the skills I have as a coach are a gift that I want to share. Yet, I was taking steps backwards, thinking of leaving my practice and finding a “job”. With your help I have a renewed commitment to creating a successful coaching practice, beginning now!”

By the end of our time together, I had coached Kim to leverage her network, develop a presentation, and get comfortable pitching her services. Kim’s energetic shifts made it possible for her to develop a pipeline of leads, start making sales, and grow into leadership of her business!