Are you a mission-driven entrepreneur with a higher purpose? Ready to break through to the success that a published book can bring you? Well, this may be the year to tackle it. Join author, book coach & editor Sally Wolfe and learn how to get started by creating your Book Manifesto. Sally’s unique approach will inspire but not overwhelm you—it will also help you test your idea before you invest time and energy in writing or developing a book proposal.

Get ready to learn:

  • How to write your transformational book in record time and avoid the top 3 mistakes that keep authors stuck, frustrated, and unpublished
  • What agents, publishers, and reviewers are really looking for
  • How to define your author brand and platform from the beginning so your book will stand out and get the attention it deserves
  • The key to writing with authenticity and ease
  • The 7 steps that invite you to enter your “source” story where the deepest, often unconscious, motivation for your work lives

Sally Wolfe

Sally Wolfe’s passion and purpose is to help writers and professionals bring their wisdom and stories to the world (fiction and nonfiction).

Since 2007, Sally has worked with New York Times-reviewed authors, self-published writers and professionals, including a 2016 nominee for National Book Award. She served as story editor for Narrative Magazine for five years. (Read what people have to say about her work here.)

Before she found her calling as an author (published novel Consolations), editor, and book coach, Sally enjoyed a successful 17 year marketing career as a publicist and award-winning copywriter in Silicon Valley where she honed her communications skills.